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Brian, Barbara, Tom and Will visit from England, July 2003:
Mark and Suzi in the kitchen, with Barbara and WillBrian, Barbara, Tom and WillBrian, Barbara, Tom and WillBrian and Barbara avoiding the cameraSuzi and TomThe Brits and MarkThe Brits and SuziTom munching an OreoTom recliningWill sleeping Tom sleepingTom with Jack outsideTom with tipped reclinerWill gamingWill gaming againWill recliningBrian, Mark, Will, Suzi and Barbara in the dark

Ruby Tuesday:
Mark and SuziTom, Mark and Suzi (ignoring the camera and talking to Barbara)Barbara and TomBarbara's birthday is announcedBarbara celebratingMark and BrianWill and Mark

Mark and Suzi

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