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A search for information

Thanks for posting all your research on the Fawcus family. I am related to two branches of the family as my great, great grandmother Jane Fawcus married her father's cousin Henry. My interest is in Jane - she died following childbirth and a family story says that she knew that she was dying and gave her wedding ring to her sister Alice and asked her to look after the family. So when Alice is found in a later census with an Evadne, she was actually looking after her niece. Also her husband Henry was demented with grief and lost his grip on the business. This led to a terrible boiler explosion that alledgedly killed 13 people and led to the loss of the buisness. I haven't been able to find any information about this tragedy on the internet at all. Do you know anything about it?
Best wishes
Tamsin Gentry
Thank you for your email. I had not heard of the event (boiler explosion) you mentioned, but would curious to hear more. It appears your ancestors are mentioned on this page: where Evadne is listed along with Alice.

With your permission, I would like to list your story on my website, as that would increase the chance of someone seeing it, and hopefully providing more information.
Mark Fawcus
Thanks, yes, it's such a strange story if it isn't true. They certainly lost the business, my great grandmother (Edith) apparently recalled being sent to school in London on one of her own family ships, but things got considerably harder for them afterwards. I'm hoping to get up to Newcastle sometime to try to find out more. You'd think that such a disaster would merit a mention somewhere.
Best wishes
Tamsin Gentry


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