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This page contains old photos and documents I've located.

Paternal Great Grandfather Thomas Fawcus

Marriage Banns for Thomas Fawcus and Mary Anne Whittle, October 1877.
My great grandfather (centre) and his fishing boat.
My grandfather (left), great grandfather (second left) with boat crew.
My great grandfather and family.

Paternal Grandfather John Fawcus

Marriage certificate for John Fawcus and Mary Jane Carss, September 23 1899.
Mary Jane Carrs with Jean Fawcus & Thomas Fawcus

Father, Edwin Fawcus

My father with his mother Margaret.
My father with his sisters Catherine, Lillian and Elizabeth Eleanor.

Census documents

1901 Census showing John Fawcus, Mary Jane Carss, and Jane Ann.
1901 Census showing another John Fawcus and his family.
1901 Census showing a Ralph Fawcus and his family.
1901 Census showing Robert Fawcus (brother of John) and Catherine.
1901 Census showing John Giloney's family including Margaret, who became the second wife of John Fawcus in 1907.
1901 Census showing Elizabeth Allen's family (maternal great grandmother) including Sidney (maternal grandfather).

The dates in brackets are approximate birth dates:
1841 Census showing Mary Fawcus (1821).
1841 Census showing Wm Fawcus (1816), Ann (1816), Ann (1837), Mary (1839).
1841 Census showing Thomas Fawcus (1806), Ann (1806), Isabella (1833), Robert (1837), Jane (1840).
1841 Census showing Robert Fawcus (1796), Appolina (1796), James (1826).
1841 Census showing Francis Fawcus (1811), Margt (1838), James (1838).
1841 Census showing James Fawcus (1833), Isabella (1815), 'Miss' (1819).
1841 Census showing Henry Fawcus (1796), Ann (1796), Henry (1826), Evans (1832), George (1834), Ann (1837), Alice (1839).
1841 Census showing Mary Fawcus (1836).

Blyth, Northumberland

Map, from around 1610.
Map, from around 1860.
Map, 1860, 25 inch-1 mile scale, coloured.
Railway station, 1910.
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