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Hawkwind ticket


This was going to involve a major road trip but unfortunately the whole US tour was cancelled.

Metallica ticket


This was a great concert. The light show and pyrotechnics complemented the music perfectly. Even better was a suprise guest appearance of Lemmy.

Judas Priest ticket

Judas Priest

For an 'old' band they perform very well.


Led Zeppelin

One of the legends ... seeing them perform at the giant Knebworth festival was stunning.

Mighty ReArranger

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation

Although I wasn't too impressed with his earlier solo work, the 2005 Mighty ReArranger release is an amazing piece of work. There's life in the old dog yet! Clive Deamer (the drummer) once played with Hawkwind (see below).
We saw them perform in Nashville, at the Ryman Auditorium, June 2005:
Nashville skyline, Broadway, Ryman Auditorium - old entrance, Ryman Auditorium - new entrance, Ryman Alley - where the stage door is, Our tickets, Flight case, View from lighting desk, The setlist, The stage
Video inside the Ryman, with audio from the show (65MB - LARGE file)
Video inside the Ryman, with audio from the show (10MB - smaller file)
Robert Plant

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

We saw them at the BJCC Arena, Birmingham, Alabama, April 2008. Click on the pictures for larger versions.
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Robert Plant Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Robert Plant Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett Robert Plant and Alison Krauss


Hawkwind Hawkwind Hawkwind Hawkwind Hawkwind Hawkwind Hawkwind biography on BBC website
One of my obsessions. Many moons ago, I discovered a band called Hawkwind. Over the years, Hawkwind have mutated, split, renamed, reformed, and in the process produced masses of material.
Some of the names include Hawkwind Zoo, Hawklords, Hawkwind Orchestra, and band members have included Dave Brock, Robert Calvert, Lemmy Kilmister, Dik Mik, Nik Turner, Stacia, Simon King, Simon House, and even Ginger Baker briefly.
I'm not going to attempt to list all the Hawkwind material as there are literally hundreds of items, but my favorites (currently) are:
Space Ritual (live)
Doremi Fasol Latido
In Search Of Space
Hall Of The Mountain Grill

Mike Pinera Dennis Noda Peter Rivera

Classic Rock All Stars

Destin Seafood Festival,
October 2000
Dennis (and Peter), Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Jerry, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike and Dennis, Peter, Peter
Downtown Get Down, Tallahassee,
November 2000
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Jerry, Mike, Mike, Mike, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, The band, The band, The band, The band
Classic Rock All Stars Sound samples
Land of 1000 Dances
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
Only Women Bleed
Ride Captain Ride
School's Out
Born to Wander

VU meter

A partial list of Hawkwind material:

1971 In Search of Space
1972 Doremi Fasol Latido
1973 Space Ritual
1974 Hall of the Mountain Grill
1976 Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
1977 Masters of the Universe
1977 Quark Strangeness and Charm
1980 Levitation
1981 Sonic Attack
1982 Choose Your Masques
1982 Church of Hawkwind
1982 Friends & Relations
1983 Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin
1983 Zones
1984 This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic
1985 In the Beginning
1985 Space Ritual, Vol. 2
1985 The Chronicle of the Black Sword
1986 Quark Strangeness and Charm/P.X.R.5
1987 The Early Daze: Best of Hawkwind
1988 Live Chronicles
1988 The Best of Hawkwind, Friends & Relations
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 1
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 2
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 3
1992 Psychedelic Warlords
1993 Hawklords Live, 1978
1993 Live '79
1993 Lord of Light
1994 Business Trip
1994 Electric Teepee
1994 It is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 1: Dave Brock, Sonic Assassins
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 2: Hawkwind Live/Hawklords Studio
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 3: Free Festivals
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 4: Live '78
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 5: Live '76 & '77
1992 Out & Intake
1992 Space Ritual
1994 Decide Your Future
1995 Spirit of the Age
1995 Undisclosed Files: Addendum
1995 Space Is Deep
1995 Independent Days, Vol. 1-2
1995 Mighty Classics 1980-85
1998 Welcome to the Future
1998 Ambient Anarchists
1998 Entire & Infinite Universe of Hawkwind
1999 In Your Area
1999 Golden Void 1969-1979
1999 Dawn of Hawkwind
1999 Family Box Set
1999 Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind
2000 Live at Glastonbury Festival 1990
2000 Thrilling Hawkwind Stories
2000 Official Bootleg, Vol. 2: Choose Your Masques
2000 Complete '79: Collectors Series, Vol. 2
2000 The Stonehenge Collection
2001 Spacebrock
2001 The Weird Tapes, Vol. 7: Dave Brock, The Demos
2001 Atomhenge 76
2001 The Legends Collection
1999 Party
2001 Doremi Fasol Latido [Bonus Tracks]
2001 Space Ritual [UK Bonus Tracks]
2001 Hall of the Mountain Grill [UK Bonus Tracks]
2001 In Search of Space [UK Bonus Tracks]
1967-82 Anthology
1980-85 Mighty Hawkwind Classics
25 Years on
Acid Daze: History of
Astounding Sounds Amazing Music
Best Of & The Rest Of
Best of Friends & Relations
Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin
Business Trip Live
Decide Your Future
Distant Horizons
Distant Horizons
Doremi Fasol + 4
Entire & Infinite Universe of Hawkwind
Epoch-Eclipse Ultimate
Epoch-Eclipse: 30 Year Anthology
Family Tree
Friends & Relations : The Rarities
Hall of the Mountain Grill
Hawkwind (Limited Edition)
Hawkwind + 4
Hawkwind Remix Project
Hawkwind-Friends & Relations
In Search of Space (Limited Edition)
Independent Days I & II
It Is the Business of The...
Kings of Speed, Lords of Light
Live Chronicles
Live From the Darkside
Live in Concert
Live Nottingham
Live Seventy Nine
Master of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
Memos & Demos
Palace Springs
Psychedelic Warlords
Psychedelic Warriors: The Best of
Quark Strangeness & Charm
Silver Machine
Singles A's & B's
Space Bandits
Stasis: The U.A. Years 71-75
Text of Festival
The Masters
This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic
Undisclosed Files (In Metal Box)
Very Best of Friends & Relations
Vol. 1-25 Years on
Vol. 2-25 Years on
Vol. 2-Acid Daze
Vol. 2-Space Ritual
Vol. 3-25 Years on
Vol. 4-25 Years on
Warrior on the Edge of Time
Xenon Codex
Yule Ritual-Live @ The Astoria
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