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Tyndall Airshow index

Tyndall Airforce Base, Florida, USA 2002

Blue Angels

Blue Angel 1 taxis Four plane formation take-off Steep ascent Sideways flypast Four plane formation flypast Mid-air collision? Or very near miss? Partially inverted flypast Another crossover flypast Low speed dual flypast

F-15 East Coast Demonstration Team

A common sight for residents of Panama City Normally seen in small flocks

F-117 Stealth Fighter

Fly past A closer look Landing with chute deployed

Jet Fire Truck

This thing is amazing. It apparently has exceeded 400mph on multiple occasions, and holds a Guinness World Record of 407mph!
Passing the Blue Angels Flameshow Racing Patty Wagstaff Coasting Patty Wagstaff buzzs the truck

Patty Wagstaff aerobatics

Trailing smoke around a loop Swooping up above the crowd Flying upside down to slice a ribbon being held on the runway

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Jump Team

Trailing smoke Swooping closer Coming in to land Old Glory


Heritage Flypast LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion or hovercraft)
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