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Tyndall Airshow index

2006 Tyndall AFB "Thunder Over the Gulf" Airshow Saturday 23 April 2006

US Army Golden Knights Parachute Display Team
Parachutists (movie)

US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet Demonstration
F/A-18 (movie)

US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle Demonstration
F-15E (movie)

Heritage Flypast (F-86, F-15E Eagle, A-10, F-4 Phantom)
Heritage flightHeritage Flypast (movie)

Neal Darnell´s ´Flash Fire´ Chevy Jet Truck
It's showtimeFLASH FireMarkSpeed record (375mph at Tyndall, 2005)The business endSpeed limit (broken)Truck wrapped around a jet engine

Smoke and flame showSmoke and flame showSmoke and flame showSmoke and flame showSmoke and flame showSmoke and flame show MarkSmoke and flame show (movie)

Racing against Oregon Aero SkyDancerHigh speed run (movie)

US Air Force Thunderbirds
Taxi past, takeoff, diamond formation, and crossover pass
Solo roling and inverted flypasts
Dual flypast, and quad formation
Diamond, slowspeed flypast, and quad formation with fly-thru
Five-plane loop
5 to 4 peel-off,solo loop, quad circle
Six-plane formations
Multi-plane crossover, quad peel-off, landing

They eventually completed the phrase 'AIR SHOW'!
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